Tijuana Airport Parking

Parking space at Tijuana Airport is provided at two locations i.e. in Building E of the Main Terminal and at the Old Airport Terminal. There are two types of long term parking services at the airport – covered parking and uncovered parking. The former will cost you $16/day while the latter costs $12/day.

For covered parking the cars are stationed inside the level parking, a facility with several stories, just like is the case in many other airports. For uncovered parking the cars are stationed in an open area. In both locations round the clock security is provided.

Regardless of the option you go with, parking at either designation is very okay and there is hardly anything else that distinguishes them except the rate of course. The Tijuana Airport car parking policy is that in the event of your car’s total theft you will be compensated in full.

Parking Info

  • The Tijuana International Airport Public Car Park has two different areas to provide both Short Stay and Long Stay services, with 24-hour service hours.
  • The Tijuana International Airport Public Parking is fully automated. In order to provide you with the best service, it has 5 ATMs distributed in 2 areas where you can comfortably pay for your ticket.
  • It has 24 hour security and surveillance service, elevators and public restrooms.
Short Term Parking Rate with VAT
1° hour or fraction $ 55.00
2° hour or fraction $ 110.00
3° hour or fraction $ 165.00
4° hour or fraction $ 220.00
5° hour or fraction $ 275.00
6° hour or fraction $ 330.00
7° hour or fraction $ 385.00
8° hour or fraction $ 440.00
9° hour or fraction $ 480.00
Maximum to pay for the 1st day $ 480.00
Maximum to pay per day, the following days $ 480.00
Lost Ticket $ 230.00
Long Term Zone (The rate is per day.) Rate with VAT
*First day cost $ 200.00
* Cost from the second to the tenth day $ 200.00
Maximum to pay per day, the following days  $ 200.00

Rate in Mexican pesos

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