Tijuana Airport Arrivals

Tijuana Airport arrivals today – live flight information. Find the latest status information for flights arriving at Tijuana Airport International Airport TIJ This information is automatically updated.

Tijuana Airport Arrival Procedures

Arrival Procedures: When arriving at Tijuana International Airport, passengers are directed through a series of well-organized steps to ensure a smooth and efficient entry process.

  1. Immigration: Upon landing, international travelers must proceed to the immigration counters. Here, passengers present their passports and necessary travel documents for verification. The airport staff is available to assist with any inquiries regarding entry requirements and procedures.
  2. Baggage Claim: After clearing immigration, passengers head to the baggage claim area to retrieve their luggage. The airport provides baggage carts and staff assistance for those with heavy or numerous bags.
  3. Customs: Following baggage claim, passengers must pass through customs. This step involves declaring any goods as required by Mexican law. Customs officers are available to answer questions and ensure compliance with regulations.
  4. Transportation: Once through customs, travelers can proceed to their preferred mode of transportation. Options include taxis, buses, car rentals, and rideshare services, all easily accessible from the arrivals area.

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